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Blackboard: create a single sign-on link to your course

Last Updated: Oct 19, 2017 11:27AM EDT

Using an Acrobatiq course in your Blackboard class involves two steps:

  1. A one-time integration, in which Acrobatiq is added as a tool provider. (ADMIN step)

  2. Adding a single sign-on link in your Blackboard class to Acrobatiq. (FACULTY step)


Integration (BB ADMIN)

  • Admin must email Acrobatiq Support (support@acrobatiq.com) to obtain the values needed below.

  • From the Blackboard administrator panel, go to Building Blocks > Basic LTI Tool Providers.

  • Register a new Provider Domain. Enter the following values:

  • Provider Domain: courses.acrobatiq.com

  • Provider Domain Status: Approved

  • Secondary Hostnames: {{ DOES NOT APPLY }}

  • Default Configuration: Set globally

  • Tool Provider Key: {{ PROVIDED BY ACROBATIQ SUPPORT }}

  • Tool Provider Secret: {{ PROVIDED BY ACROBATIQ SUPPORT }}

  • Send User Data: only over any connection (no sensitive information is shared, only name and email address for use in the gradebook)

  • User Fields to Send: Role in Course, Name, Email address (check all three)

  • Show User Acknowledgment Message: Optional (generally unnecessary, since students are familiar with Acrobatiq after one visit)

  • Click SUBMIT.

Blackboard Help article on LTI Tool Providers


Adding a single sign-on link (FACULTY)


These instructions can be followed only after your Blackboard administrator has added Acrobatiq as an external tool provider on your site.
On the action bar, point to Build Content to access the drop-down list.

  1. Build your Acrobatiq course(s) on the Acrobatiq website and note the course key(s), then click "Sign Out" in the menu at the top right. YOU MUST CLICK “SIGN OUT”; CLOSING THE TAB/WINDOW IS NOT SUFFICIENT.

  2. Enter your Blackboard class with a Blackboard faculty account. An admin account will not work.

  3. In edit mode, select Web Link under Course Content > Build Content.




  4. Enter a name for the link. In this example we're calling it "Example Course Title.”


  5. For the URL, enter the URL for your course’s Table of Contents page.

  • Check the box labeled “This link is to a Tool Provider.” IF THIS SETTING IS NOT AVAILABLE, THE LINK IS NOT A WEB LINK AND SINGLE-SIGN-ON WILL NOT WORK.

    In this case, LTI might need to be enabled at the course level. Follow Control Panel > Customization > Tool Availability and check the box next to LTI. This should enable the "This link is to a Tool Provider" option.

  • DO NOT enter a description. In some cases, a description will disable the link in Blackboard.

  • Under options, change "Open in New Window" to "Yes."

  • Press OK to add the link.

  • Click the link and determine whether you land on the Table of Contents page. This is why you must sign out of your Acrobatiq account first. If you are signed out and the link takes you to the Table of Contents without asking you to sign in, then the single-sign-on feature is working properly.

Blackboard Help article on A user's Blackboard account role will govern the role in the Acrobatiq course. For instance, any user with the role "instructor" will click the link and be listed on the roster as an instructor; likewise for users with roles of "student" and "assistant."


 Configuring Acrobatiq LTI on Blackboard


1. Log in to Blackboard with administrative credentials

2. Select System Admin in the upper right corner


3. In the Building Blocks group, select Building Blocks:


4. Select LTI Tool Providers


5. Select the Register Provider Domain button




6. Enter the following information and Submit: 

    (a) Provider Domain:     acrobatiq.com
    (b) Provider Domain Status:     Approved
    (c) Tool Provider Key:     "LTI Key" (obtained from Acrobatiq)
    (d) Tool Provider Secret:     "LTI Secret" (obtained from Acrobatiq)
    (e) Send User Data:     Send user data over SSL
    (f) User Fields to Send:     Check Role in Course, Name, & Email Address


Example: Creating an LTI link in Blackboard that will launch the tool configured in the steps above

1. On the LTI Tool Providers page, open the option menu on zoom.us and select Manage Placements 

2. On the Manage Placements: zoom.us page, select the Create Placement button


3. On the Create Placement page enter the following information and press Submit:

    (a) Label:     "Your Label" or your choice
    (b) Handle:  "Your Handle" or your choice
    (c) Tool Provider URL:     Provided by Acrobatiq


*Tool Provider Key should be populate from step 6 of Configuring Acrobaitq LTI for Blackboard
4. Select the System Admin button in the top right to return to the System Admin Panel

5. In the Courses group, select Courses

6. Find and select the course you would like to add the Zoom control to

7. On the Course Management control panel on the left, expand Customization and select Tool Availability


8. Select the checkbox to make "Your Label" (or your label from step 3a) available


9. On the left sidebar, click the Add Menu Item (plus) button to expand the menu, and then select Tool Link from the drop down menu


10. Fill in the name "You LTI Launch link" (or your choice). Add the Tool Link by selecting "Your Label" (or your label from step 3a), check the Available to Users checkbox, and select Submit



11. The "You LTI launch link" (or your Tool Link Name choice from step 10) tool link will now appear in the left sidebar. Clicking on the link will launch the Zoom application.



12. Repeat for each course


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