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Canvas: create a single sign-on link to your course

Last Updated: Sep 01, 2016 03:01PM EDT

Using an Acrobatiq course in your Canvas class involves two steps:

  1. A one-time integration, in which Acrobatiq is added as a tool provider. (ADMIN step)

  2. Adding a single sign-on link to your course in your Canvas class. (FACULTY step)


Integration (Canvas ADMIN step)

These instructions are adapted from this article in the Canvas Help Center. 

  1. Admin must email support@acrobatiq.com to obtain the values needed below.

  2. Open Settings 
  3. Click the Apps tab

  4. Click View Installed Apps

  5. Click the Add New App button

  6. App details:

    • Name: Acrobatiq Courseware, for instance


    • Shared Secret: {{ PROVIDED BY ACROBATIQ SUPPORT }} 
  7. Configuration Type: "Manual Entry"

  8. URL: courses.acrobatiq.com
    Domain: courses.acrobatiq.com

  9. Set privacy to "Public" so the user's name and email can both populate the Acrobatiq gradebook. 

  10. Click the Submit button.

  11. Acrobatiq will appear in the list of External Apps.

    If your roles are not configured to automatically pass via LTI, they must be enabled for passage to Acrobatiq.

Adding a single sign-on link (FACULTY step)

These instructions are adapted from this article in the Canvas Help CenterThey can be followed only after your Canvas administrator has added Acrobatiq as an external tool provider on your site.

  1. Build your Acrobatiq course(s) on the Acrobatiq website. Open the Table of Contents page and copy the URL to your clipboard, then click "Sign Out" in the menu at the top right. YOU MUST CLICK “SIGN OUT”; CLOSING THE TAB/WINDOW IS NOT SUFFICIENT.

  2. Enter your Canvas class with a Canvas faculty account. 

  3. Open Modules

  4. Depending on your version of Canvas, either click the settings gear in the upper right or click the plus sign and choose "Add content."

  5. Choose item type "External tool."

  6. Click on the Acrobatiq tool to select it.

  7. Fill in the necessary fields to add Acrobatiq as a tool and click "Add item."

    ‚ÄčURL: use the URL for your Table of Contents on your clipboard, or any other resource inside the Acrobatiq course.

    Page name: enter your Acrobatiq courseware title here, how you'd like it to appear to students in Canvas.
    Select the "Load this tool in a new tab" box.
    Don't indent.

  8. Confirm Acrobatiq tool has been added to the Module.

  9. NOTE: When testing this link, a Canvas account with the role of "instructor" should be used, because Acrobatiq is expecting an instructor to use the link to attach an Acrobatiq course to the Canvas class environment. An "admin" role may receive an error.


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