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D2L: Create a single sign-on link to your course

Last Updated: Dec 01, 2017 09:30AM EST

Using an Acrobatiq course in your D2L/BrightSpace class involves two steps:

  1. A one-time integration, in which Acrobatiq is added as an External Learning Tool provider. (ADMIN step)

  2. Adding a single sign-on link in your Desire 2 Learn class to Acrobatiq. (FACULTY step)


Integration (D2L/BrightSpace ADMIN step)


Set up integration with a tool provider:

​Email Acrobatiq Support to request a key and secret.

  1. Click the External Learning Tools link in the Admin Tools widget.

  2. Select the Manage Tool Providers tab.

  3. Click New Tool Provider.

  4. Enter the base URL courses.acrobatiq.com (do not include http://).

  5. Enter the secret supplied by Acrobatiq Support in the Secret field.

  6. Click Use custom tool consumer information instead of default check box and update the appropriate fields, including the key value supplied by Acrobatiq Support.

  7. Click Save.

NOTE: This tool should be configured to open in a new window to avoid browser security issues.

Additionally, you'll need to enable three values to be communicated with Acrobatiq via LTI:

  • ​Name

  • Email

  • Role



Adding a single sign-on link (FACULTY step)


These instructions can be followed only after your D2L administrator has added Acrobatiq as an External Learning Tool provider on your site.

  1. Click the admin settings icon in the top right (gear icon).

  2. Choose External Learning Tools

  3. Under the header "Manage External Learning Tools Links" click the button labeled New Link.

  4. Add a title for your link, such as "Acrobatiq Intro to Psychology."

  5. Use the template link that was provided to you from your LMS admin or your Acrobatiq Engagement Manager. 

  6. Key/Secret section. Ensure "Sign messages with key/secret with" is selected and then choose one of the two options that follow: Tool consumer key/secret, or Link key/secret. Consult your D2L/BrightSpace admin to determine which option your school is configured to use.

    • Tool consumer key/secret. This option configures your link to employ the key and secret that your D2L
    /BrightSpace admin used when setting up Acrobatiq as an External Tool Provider using the instructions at the top of this page. The Acrobatiq key and secret are referenced every time you build an Acrobatiq link, so entering the key and secret are NOT necessary every time you create a new Acrobatiq link.

    • Link key/secret. Choose this option if you must enter the key and secret for each link you create. The key and secret have been shared with your D2L
    /BrightSpace admin, or you can email Acrobatiq Support: support@acrobatiq.com.

​Do not add any custom parameters.

  • In Security Settings, select these fields so the Acrobatiq gradebook can populate properly:

  • Send tool consumer information to tool provider

  • Send user ID to tool provider

  • Send user name to tool provider

  • Send user email to tool provider

  • Do not select the other options

Click here for a short video on creating LTI links in D2L.


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