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Getting your students enrolled, including payment options

Last Updated: May 11, 2016 10:55AM EDT

LMS delivery

If you deliver your course as a single sign-on (SSO) link in your school's Learning Management System (LMS), such as Blackboard, Moodle, or Desire 2 Learn, students are automatically enrolled in your Acrobatiq courseware when they click the link. Only student who click your SSO link will appear in the Acrobatiq roster.


Acrobatiq website delivery + Invite Students tool

If you don't deliver your course in your LMS, you and your students will access the course via the Acrobatiq website.You'll find several options for inviting your students to enroll.
After building your course, click the Roster button on your My Courses page.
On the Roster (Manage Users) page click the "Invite Students" button

The resulting dialog box will contain several student-invitation options, and look like this:


Options for the Invite Students tool

  1. Give your students the COURSE KEY AND THE URL for creating a student account: http://courses.acrobatiq.com/signup
    Upon creating their accounts, students will land on their My Courses page. Students should click "Register for a course" and use the course key you provided.

    Distribute a special URL (seen above ending in "signup") generated by the Acrobatiq system that ushers your students through the account-creation process and automatically enrolls them in your course.
    You might choose to email this URL to your roster, or post it in the announcements area of your class space online.
    NOTE: The invitation URL is different for every course. Be sure to keep them straight if you're teaching multiple sections simultaneously. Otherwise you may end up with students enrolls for the wrong section.

  3. Enter student email addresses in order to email the invitation directly to them. Students receive the the URL that ushers them through the account-creation process and automatically enrolls them in your course.

Student payment options

Payment is requested during the enrollment process. Students have four options:

  1. Credit card
    Acrobatiq processes the student payment via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.


  2. PayPal
    Students can use PayPal account funds or pay via credit card. A PayPal account IS NOT REQUIRED. This option is best for students who don't want to share credit card information with Acrobatiq.


  3. Redemption code
    Some financial aid students are required to purchase their learning materials at the campus bookstore. Redemption codes purchased from the bookstore can be used as a payment method during enrollment in the Acrobatiq courseware.
    NOTE: Redemption code availability must be arranged ahead of time. Please have your bookstore manager learn about and order redemption codes here:

    Campus bookstore Redemption Code order form

  4. Pay Later
    This option is intended for students who are awaiting a financial aid refund, and don't want to pay the surcharge at the campus bookstore. Students are given 17 days of unrestricted access to the courseware, and a reminder remains on the Table of Contents and My Courses pages until payment is completed. If payment is not made before the trial expires, the student's access is restricted and he or she is removed from view in the gradebook and the Learning Dashboard™. No data is lost when access is restricted, only hidden. The student's grades, practice work, learning data, gradebook entry and Learning Dashboard entry are restored once payment is made.


Learn By Doing:

  1. Sign in

  2. Click Roster link

  3. Use Invite Students tool to generate invitation URL


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