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Last Updated: Aug 18, 2017 03:39PM EDT

This resource will orient you to navigating an Acrobatiq course and locating its primary tools.

My Courses — your starting point

When you sign in to Acrobatiq you arrive at your Acrobatiq hub, the My Courses page. The My Courses page lists all the courses you're currently teaching, the ones that have finished, and the courses you're previewing.

To enter any course click its title or the begin button. You will land on the Table of Contents. Other options include:

  • Learning Dashboard

  • Gradebook

  • Course Settings — course information, manage users, assessment settings

  • Roster — takes you to the Manage Users portion of the Course Settings page

  • View Student Work — emulates the view of any student in your roster, with the ability to see the student's formative and summative work from their perspective

  • Add a course — build another course to use with your students

  • Adopt This Course — communicate your intentions to build a course and use it with your class; this helps us prepare you for the coming term

  • Preview other courses — evaluate other curricula in the Acrobatiq catalog


Table of Contents page

Your first visit — the Tour

On your first visit a tour will automatically describe the different elements of the page, and how they are used. You can move forward through the tour by clicking the Next button, end it immediately with the End button, and replay it by clicking the "play" icon in the upper-right corner of any page.

Course content — units, modules, assessments, and their schedules

The Table of Contents page includes a list of the course's units. Click the green arrow to expose the nested modules, as well as the summative assessments they contain.

Assessments — access and scheduling

To access the assessment click its name or the orange icon with the right-pointing arrow.
To schedule the assessment's date of availability, its due date, or to set individual student exceptions, click the orange icon with the clock image. 
Refer to this article for full instructions on using the scheduling tool.
Refer to this article for full instructions on scheduling an individual student exception.

After you set a schedule, you and your students will see it in the same line as the assessment title.


The Course Menu

The menu is accessed by clicking the silhouetted bust icon in the upper right, between the tour and the nav bar icons. If you upload a profile picture it will replace the generic bust.

From the course menu you can reach:

  • My Courses page

  • Instructor Dashboard (the Learning Dashboard)

  • Gradebook

  • View Student Work

  • Course Settings — basic course info, manage users/roster, assessment settings

  • My Profile — profile picture, password, email address, name

  • Help — email Acrobatiq Support directly, or navigate to the Support Center with helpful articles

  • Sign Out


The Nav Bar — jump to any course location immediately

The Nav Bar is a horizontal-scrolling list of the course's units and modules, like a version of the Table of Contents, and it's available at the top of every course page. Reveal it like a window shade by clicking the icon of three horizontal bars in the top right of any page inside the course.

The left-most panel is anchored, and it contains a link to the Table of Contents page. The other panels do scroll, and enable the user to jump to the beginning of any unit or module by clicking the corresponding unit or module title. If the user has accessed a module before, the "Last accessed" area will tell you how long it's been since your visit.


Page navigation

Enter a page number in this field and hit Return to jump to it. Or press the Back or Forward arrows to navigate one page in either direction.



The Search field finds content throughout the course, not just on the page where you're located. If searching just the current page, it's suggested you use your browser's find-on-page tool.


Resume Working — your last location in the course

Click the Resume Working button at the top of the Table of Contents page to access your last location in the course. The functionality does not extend to View Student Work; it will only take you to the last page you accessed with your faculty account while NOT in View Student Work mode.


Course title — jump to Table of Contents

The course title at the top of any page is a shortcut to the Table of Contents page.


Learn By Doing:

  1. Sign in

  2. Access the Table of Contents page

  3. Navigate to Module 20 using either the Navigation Bar or the Table of Contents


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