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The Learning Dashboard™ (instructor dashboard) — an Introduction to the Basics

Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016 04:40PM EDT

Learning Dashboard Basics

This article provides an overview of The Learning Dashboard. Detailed articles on individual Dashboard cards and their functionality can be found in other articles in the Learning Dashboard Topic in the Faculty Support Center.

Accessing The Learning Dashboard

The Learning Dashboard is where instructors can find real time learning data and participation data for their students. To access the Learning Dashboard click the link either on your My Courses page or in the in-course menu in the top-right corner of any page. In the menu it's labeled "Instructor Dashboard" to differentiate it from the forthcoming student dashboard:

 The Learning Dashboard is a collection of inquiry-based cards, and each one answers a question the instructor might like to know about learning or engagement. For example:

  • How well are my students learning?

  • How often are students logging in?

  • Which objectives are my students having difficulty with?


Basic Layout of The Learning Dashboard

The Learning Dashboard is divided into two sections: a customizable set of at-a-glance cards, flanked on the left by a column of questions leading to Learning data and Participation data. To access the full set of data available within an inquiry, click an inquiry or a card.

Detailed Inquiry View

When an inquiry or its card is clicked, the detailed view of the data becomes available. Depending on the kind of data the user can perform these sorts of manipulations or actions:

  • Pare down the data based on pertinent parameters, such as population (all or selected students), time, learning objective, location in course (units and modules), and more
  • Switch between graphical and table views of the data
  • Filter the data when it's displayed as a data table
  • Export the data by printing, creating a PDF, creating a CSV-format spreadsheet, or by copying the data to your clipboard so you can paste it into an existing document or email
  • Add an at-a-glance card to the default dashboard


Pare down:


Graphical or table views:



Filter or search:




Add a card:

Example of full detailed view (class participation in modules 1 - 3 and StatTutor exercise, sorted to show descending participation):

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