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3.0 Course Readiness Report

Last Updated: Dec 04, 2017 11:00AM EST

The Course Readiness Report available to all users


Last year, Acrobatiq debuted the Course Readiness Report, a feature that allows course creators to run a check on their courses to ensure that all activities are aligned with learning objectives. That feature, which has been running in beta, is now fine-tuned and available to all our users.



Course authors run the Readiness feature once they finish their project. It lists all the possible mistakes in a course. These can include simple errors like placeholders left on a page or more serious issues like an ordering error that has a quiz before the relevant practice activity.


The Course Readiness feature looks for errors in six categories:

  • Process: Basic errors, such as placeholders left in a course or media elements not inserted.

  • Skill Graph: The Skill Graph should be fully filled out and tied to objectives and activities.

  • Alignment: Objectives, practice and assessments must all be aligned. The Course Readiness Report now also flags adaptive activities that have no adaptivity levels set.

  • Questions: Mistakes in questions, duplicate answers, and missing correct answers.

  • Accessibility: Checks that images have alt text and that video content has transcripts. This feature now also checks external videos, such as those from YouTube, to see if they meet accessibility guidelines.

  • Structure: Every page must have at least one learning objective.


In addition Acrobatiq now runs a Course Readiness check whenever a course is published, which brings us to the next update.



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